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Jul. 28th, 2009



Currently, I'm entered in a photography contest and I've been making some headway.
I need votes to get into the top spot. If you don't like the photo, don't vote. I'm not
here to beg, just to bring it to your attention and if you like my work, then vote away!
Thanks in advance, it means a lot to me! Click the VOTE link below. <3m.

Apr. 6th, 2009

in my dream I&#39;m the star


hello :D

Hello, I'm a new member in this community, my name is Azura, but my friends call me mike (and you can call me that way too, I'm okay with that).

I have a big interest in art, especially drawing. I posted all of my drawings at my deviantart gallery (just go to my profile to get the link).

I also love to read books, more to fantasy novels and literature.
Also for comics/manga and art magazine.

I hope we can share some fun in this community :)
Feel free to add me and I'll add you back

Feb. 18th, 2009




Hi, I'm ninwin, but you can call me Nin. =D I am new to this community, otherwise I wouldn't be making an introduction.

My favorite anime series is Code Geass (it is the sex), my favorite manga is Godchild. I AM somewhat of a rabid otaku (and I mean it...I don't go out much. T^T social life fail) and I love to read if it's the right book. I adore fashion, not like O HAI CHANEL PHONE but interesting fashion, DIY, decora, lolita, scene, etcetera. ^_^ I am a vegetarian though I'm trying to make my way up to vegan, and I love to draw. I'm 14 but unfortunately my mind has been SPOILED by the internet because lurking 4chan does things to you. D~: If you ever see a teletubby with the Sparta guy's head on it, I made that. >;D Um..I also love Star Wars and I suck crap at CSS but I try. :D: My favorite bands are Cobra Starship, An Cafe, Duran Duran, and Dead Kennedys.

I hope I will make friends here, hopefully the community will become undeadified. Well..not undead...that'd cause a problem...

Sep. 18th, 2008

nate shower


Life is just funny sometimes...

In spirit of the new post on my friends page...I decided to post here.  I think I did an intro post a while ago but hell I'll do one again because for the life of me I have no idea what I said ( I think I have the early stages of Alzeihemers at the tender age of 22 lol).  So my name is Nicole and I'm a junior in college.  I was supposed to graduate last year but due to the fact that I took a semester off and did an internship at Disney, didn't particularly care about my grades and then transfered from Texas to Massachusetts...I came in as a freshmen at Massachusetts.  It kind of gets me down sometimes because all my friends I used to hang out with are like graduated and starting their lives but I figure I'll get there some day.  I'm a psych major (this is my 3rd and final switch of my major...I just have to actually declare it) and when everything is said and done with school I aim to be a psychologist for abused adolescents.

Anyway the thought that's been on my mind lately (hence the reason I'm posting) is how it's funny how people you think you'll stay friends with in the future ultimately flake out on you and it's always the people you never expect that are there for you.  Like last year I lost my best friend because she doesn't like the responsible me, or so she said to my boyfriend.  Well I'm sorry that I had to focus on school and get good grades and lost the interest to party all the time but so what?  So she kind of dropped me and my good friend Chris would come over a lot just to chill and now we're like attached at the hip.  I didn't expect to lose her but I didn't think he would be the one that would stay, especially since he graduated the year before.  And now my best friend from high school recently moved back to the state after going to school in Colorado and we used to talk about everything but now it just feel awkward.  Then there's my first boyfriend that I ever had, I was like 12 or 13 and it was cute and awkward lol, and we went for years without talking and out of the blue he contacted me a few years ago and we talk all the time now.  I would have thought that my friend from high school would be closer to me than a kid I haven't seen in 10 years but again, it's funny how life plays out sometimes.  I guess I'm just amazed at the whole fact.  I mean you have to go through a lot of crap to find out who your true friends are and it gets lonely but it's worth it because the few people you have left will probably burn the world down for you.  And THAT'S a nice feeling.  :)

Jun. 21st, 2008


Jade Rachel is who I am

Some people think I'm 'new age' or a 'hippie' because I'm interested in aliens, angels, astrology, candles, crystals, dolphins, dragons, dreams, fairies, fantasy, fortune telling, gems, ghosts, incense, lightning, magic, meditation, mermaids, myths and legends, palmistry, paranormal, spirituality, sunsets, tarot reading, the supernatural, the unknown, the world, thunderstorms, unicorns, vampires, werewolves and wings.

Some people think I'm a goth because I like the colour black, churches, corsets, crucifixes, fire, halloween, horror, piercings, tattoos, graveyards, leather, living dead dolls, moonlight and the moon.

Some people think I'm very feminine because I love animals, anime, bright colours, bubble bath, Buffy, cartoons, charmed, chocolate, cirque du soleil, coffee, dancing, Disney, fireworks, flirting, friendships, glitter, happiness, harry potter, hello kitty, lipstick, music, musicals, rainbows, swimming and vintage clothing.

Personally, I think I'm all of that, and so much more.
I'm a geek and indulge in archaeology, anthropology, Arthurian legends, Egyptology, Greek mythology, history, languages, physiology, pirates, psychology, sociology and visiting museums and the theatre.
I like to think I'm an artistic person and my passions are art, doodling, comic books, drawing and photography.
I value hope, imagination, individuality, knowledge, laughter and life in general

So that is me.
An affectionate, feminine, hippie, geeky goth who loves life.

Jun. 7th, 2008



Name or Alias: Holly

Age: 21

Country: USA

Five to Ten Things That Define Me:
I am trying to take more risks in my life.
I love the idea of receiving letters from someone and then making a collage out of them.
I have never been kissed.
When I am angry I never show it.
I have bipolar disorder.
I have one tattoo.
I am shy and reserved.
I love poetry and and painting (although I am not talented at either).
I love reading.

May. 13th, 2008

very old pic of me!


introduction (:

here goes:
im called emily and im nearly 16. so yeah im pretty young but i feel so incredibly old. perhaps thats because i've seen so much in these past nearly 16 years ive been on earth. perhaps its because i've done such a lot of growing up over the past two years. and this definetly down to the people i love called my friends. i met them at a local youth rock club where we'd spend 5 pounds to sit in a corrider and listen to local bands. they all go to the local state school and i go to the private school up the road. but it doesnt matter. finally i found a place where i fit in. apart from LJ and myspace. i have about 3 close friends at school but over the past 5 years of me attending it, i have never conformed to the stereotype i should of and hence forth i am not popular. im mature enough now though to realise i dont need to. i've got friends. i joined this group to share my feelings, meet those like me, and finally find anothr place where i fit in. because those who have tormented me for the past 5 years seem to fit everyhwere they go. unlike me.

so a bit more about me? im alternative. i have no label. im not emo, goth, grunger, scene or greebo. even though i have stronge fashoin tendencies like an emo or scene. i love my music and to sum it up in five bands it's my chemical romance, paramore, underoath, sex pistols, sum 41. sorry to be slightly conformist there but its the best way to sum up my ipod's contents. i love games on the wii and nintendo ds. i adore horse riding and have been doing so for eight years now. i speak french. im currently in a relationship and he keeps me going strong. i love going out and especially using public transport to get to places. i love my friends obviously. i like films mainly comedy and my favourite at the moment is Juno.

add me and we'll be friends (:

Mar. 20th, 2008



Anything but ordinary

Ok, I have to be honest, i've never done one of these before. 

but judgeing by what other people have posted, you just tell about yourself ((at least for your first post?)) 
If i'm wrong...oops? 

Ok, well i'm brittany and i'm 16. i'm...a bit different. lol 
At least that's what other people say. I've been called random, colorful, punk, different, and a few other things. ((some not so nice heh)) 

To be honest, i was looking for a girl thing in the communities. I'm not all "uber girly, pink-pink-pink" but i think girl talk is nice every once in a while.
so i didn't want to go into a girly girly thing, but this one is really the only one that caught my eye, and it looks like just about what i was looking for. 
Basically i was looking for somthing that i could talk to people with the same interests as me, and that i could talk with about just about anything. 

So me...
I'm not exactly sure what to say... 
I guess for starters; I like art. and to me, that means anything for music to writing. because i think that it's all an art. 
Creativity is somthing that i admire. 
I love music, concerts, reading, and writing.

I've always gotten along with people who are older than me, better than i have people my age. and usually guys better than girls. 
i guess you could say that i really don't like highschoolers. 

I'm immature to an extent. In other-words, i know when to be serious, and when i can take somthing completely out of context. 

I don't like liers. I don't lie, because i don't like to be lied to. 

((and in case you haven't noticed, i really like the enter key))

i'm a christian. 
I am pretty opinionated, and i do not like drama

I like belts, bracelets, and i enjoy playing with makeup. 
I like to take pictures. 

My clothing never matches, but i'm not out to impress anyone but myself. 

I am a pretty open minded person, until you give me a reason not to be. 
just because somthing is cliche, i don't stop liking it, i just don't broadcast to the world that i like it.

My posts are sometimes a riddiculous length...and somtimes that's not due to my obbsession with the enter key. 
I guess i just have alot to say, either that, or alot of babbleing to type. 

I like to travel, and i want more than anything to go back to the ocean. 
I live in colorado by the way. 
I wish we had a good coffe shop around here.

if i forgot anything i guess just let me know. 
Cant wait to talk with you guys :)

I know that i have alot of spelling errors in there. Sorry!

Mar. 16th, 2008


Geia Sas/Hello!

Ok, I think I'm a bit strange, so here goes. *smile* My name is Tiffany, but I prefer Tiffanitsa. I'm looking to expand my list of friends here on lj. It would be great to find some people who share at least some of my interests. I like people who read and comment and I enjoy doing the same. I like quizzes and especially surveys, so don't worry if you post those in your lj. My boyfriend is 62, so there's no such thing as too old, but please only add me if you're a legal adult in your country of residence. Also, feel free to add me to whatever messengers we have in common. Anyway, I'm 24 and a college graduate living in New Jersey, U.S.A. but I'm a Hellenic patriot, meaning that I put Greece above all countries. So, along with stuff about me, you'll often see things about Hellenic news, politics, culture and even sports scores in my lj. I love listening to music, especially rebetika from below the 60's and some old laika and playing my bouzouki (kind of like a guitar) and baglama (a mini bouzouki). I'm teaching myself, and would really appreciate tips on the dromoi and playing techniques. I also enjoy english music from the 50's through the 70's, reading, , writing, cooking from scratch, coffee, cigarettes, nonalcoholic wine, organic and free range foods (no dieting), natural medicine, fringe sciences and the paranormal, my Macbook, warm weather, board games and vintage technology. I also collect cigarette lighters, coins, stamps and interesting bottles and glasses. I love animals but don't have a pet of my own. I'm a Hellenic Polytheist (think Greek mythology), but I respect all religions. I'm very opinionated and straight forward, but I can respect different opinions. That doesn't mean, though, that I don't enjoy heated debates, cause I do. Oh yeah, and I've been totally blind since I was two-months old. I use talking software to read the screen. Btw, I'm still learning Greek, so please be patient if you use it to write to me. Take care and talk soon.

Jan. 29th, 2008


Ultra Ordinary

Funny I chose the subject line I did in a place called 'Strange Cake'....

The thing is, I don't really write about anything particularly interesting. I'm brand new and for now i'm kind of just ranting, complaining, and filling everyone in on the rather ordinary details of my life. Most of the time I have a lot to say but I get really overwhelmed and try and stick to one topic.

I intend for most of my entries to be about everyday life, but if I come across a quote in a book or a song, or a really beautiful picture i'll share that too.

I've recently had my heart broken, so i'm kind of, well perpetually sad. I don't want to lose faith in the human race as a whole, and I am hopeful that more opportunities to connect are out there. I guess I joined LiveJournal to secure that hope. So add if you want to read.. you may find something out about yourself in listening to what's going on in my cluttered little head.

Oh yeah, i'm a twenty year old girl from Florida but Manhattan is waiting for me. Read my profile for more.

Excited to meet you

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