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xhidingxagainx in strange_cake

Anything but ordinary

Ok, I have to be honest, i've never done one of these before. 

but judgeing by what other people have posted, you just tell about yourself ((at least for your first post?)) 
If i'm wrong...oops? 

Ok, well i'm brittany and i'm 16. i'm...a bit different. lol 
At least that's what other people say. I've been called random, colorful, punk, different, and a few other things. ((some not so nice heh)) 

To be honest, i was looking for a girl thing in the communities. I'm not all "uber girly, pink-pink-pink" but i think girl talk is nice every once in a while.
so i didn't want to go into a girly girly thing, but this one is really the only one that caught my eye, and it looks like just about what i was looking for. 
Basically i was looking for somthing that i could talk to people with the same interests as me, and that i could talk with about just about anything. 

So me...
I'm not exactly sure what to say... 
I guess for starters; I like art. and to me, that means anything for music to writing. because i think that it's all an art. 
Creativity is somthing that i admire. 
I love music, concerts, reading, and writing.

I've always gotten along with people who are older than me, better than i have people my age. and usually guys better than girls. 
i guess you could say that i really don't like highschoolers. 

I'm immature to an extent. In other-words, i know when to be serious, and when i can take somthing completely out of context. 

I don't like liers. I don't lie, because i don't like to be lied to. 

((and in case you haven't noticed, i really like the enter key))

i'm a christian. 
I am pretty opinionated, and i do not like drama

I like belts, bracelets, and i enjoy playing with makeup. 
I like to take pictures. 

My clothing never matches, but i'm not out to impress anyone but myself. 

I am a pretty open minded person, until you give me a reason not to be. 
just because somthing is cliche, i don't stop liking it, i just don't broadcast to the world that i like it.

My posts are sometimes a riddiculous length...and somtimes that's not due to my obbsession with the enter key. 
I guess i just have alot to say, either that, or alot of babbleing to type. 

I like to travel, and i want more than anything to go back to the ocean. 
I live in colorado by the way. 
I wish we had a good coffe shop around here.

if i forgot anything i guess just let me know. 
Cant wait to talk with you guys :)

I know that i have alot of spelling errors in there. Sorry!


So are you looking for a penpal, online friend, LJ friend?? you forgot that part. lol
let me know?
umm...i'm not really sure.
lol any of those would be pretty cool hahah
Sounds like me. People really don't know what to call me, so some people say "weird." The people with a broader vocabulary say "eccentric". But then one of my friends said, "It makes her sound like an old lady surrounded by cats." And I like babbling. It doesn't help that I type extremely fast (courtesy of video games in 4th grade).

Music, reading, writing, and drawing are good. I agree with you. I get along with people older than me, same like you, but girls are better than me than boys (I usually end up attacking their overinflated ego with sarcastic remarks.)

I don't like lying, probably because of all the misunderstanding and storming that's sure to follow.

Belts and bracelets are cool, but I don't really like makeup. I like taking pictures too, except I hate taking pictures of people who pose. I love taking pictures of random things (a plant, say), but I hate people taking pictures of me.

I like talking. A lot. I'm Christian too. Same with the cliches.

Wow, most I've typed. Maybe I should stop now.

July 2009



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