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very old pic of me!

onceuponanemily in strange_cake

introduction (:

here goes:
im called emily and im nearly 16. so yeah im pretty young but i feel so incredibly old. perhaps thats because i've seen so much in these past nearly 16 years ive been on earth. perhaps its because i've done such a lot of growing up over the past two years. and this definetly down to the people i love called my friends. i met them at a local youth rock club where we'd spend 5 pounds to sit in a corrider and listen to local bands. they all go to the local state school and i go to the private school up the road. but it doesnt matter. finally i found a place where i fit in. apart from LJ and myspace. i have about 3 close friends at school but over the past 5 years of me attending it, i have never conformed to the stereotype i should of and hence forth i am not popular. im mature enough now though to realise i dont need to. i've got friends. i joined this group to share my feelings, meet those like me, and finally find anothr place where i fit in. because those who have tormented me for the past 5 years seem to fit everyhwere they go. unlike me.

so a bit more about me? im alternative. i have no label. im not emo, goth, grunger, scene or greebo. even though i have stronge fashoin tendencies like an emo or scene. i love my music and to sum it up in five bands it's my chemical romance, paramore, underoath, sex pistols, sum 41. sorry to be slightly conformist there but its the best way to sum up my ipod's contents. i love games on the wii and nintendo ds. i adore horse riding and have been doing so for eight years now. i speak french. im currently in a relationship and he keeps me going strong. i love going out and especially using public transport to get to places. i love my friends obviously. i like films mainly comedy and my favourite at the moment is Juno.

add me and we'll be friends (:



July 2009



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