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nate shower

sunrain86 in strange_cake

Life is just funny sometimes...

In spirit of the new post on my friends page...I decided to post here.  I think I did an intro post a while ago but hell I'll do one again because for the life of me I have no idea what I said ( I think I have the early stages of Alzeihemers at the tender age of 22 lol).  So my name is Nicole and I'm a junior in college.  I was supposed to graduate last year but due to the fact that I took a semester off and did an internship at Disney, didn't particularly care about my grades and then transfered from Texas to Massachusetts...I came in as a freshmen at Massachusetts.  It kind of gets me down sometimes because all my friends I used to hang out with are like graduated and starting their lives but I figure I'll get there some day.  I'm a psych major (this is my 3rd and final switch of my major...I just have to actually declare it) and when everything is said and done with school I aim to be a psychologist for abused adolescents.

Anyway the thought that's been on my mind lately (hence the reason I'm posting) is how it's funny how people you think you'll stay friends with in the future ultimately flake out on you and it's always the people you never expect that are there for you.  Like last year I lost my best friend because she doesn't like the responsible me, or so she said to my boyfriend.  Well I'm sorry that I had to focus on school and get good grades and lost the interest to party all the time but so what?  So she kind of dropped me and my good friend Chris would come over a lot just to chill and now we're like attached at the hip.  I didn't expect to lose her but I didn't think he would be the one that would stay, especially since he graduated the year before.  And now my best friend from high school recently moved back to the state after going to school in Colorado and we used to talk about everything but now it just feel awkward.  Then there's my first boyfriend that I ever had, I was like 12 or 13 and it was cute and awkward lol, and we went for years without talking and out of the blue he contacted me a few years ago and we talk all the time now.  I would have thought that my friend from high school would be closer to me than a kid I haven't seen in 10 years but again, it's funny how life plays out sometimes.  I guess I'm just amazed at the whole fact.  I mean you have to go through a lot of crap to find out who your true friends are and it gets lonely but it's worth it because the few people you have left will probably burn the world down for you.  And THAT'S a nice feeling.  :)



July 2009



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